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Stick-it Lashes No Glue Needed Lash

Stick it lashes Pre Glued eyelash extensions lashes

Introducing Stick-it Lashes: Just Stick-It and Go! 

Eyelashes as simple as Stick-it and Go? Yes, please!

We introduce Stick-it Lashes No Glue Needed Lash, the self-adhesive eyelashes designed for instant glamour without the mess of lash glue.
Easy to apply and remove, achieve lash extensions in minutes no lash glue or lash bond needed.

Bond & Seal – Eyelash Glue for DIY False Eyelashes

Bond Seal ögonfransar

Bond & Seal is a two-in-one product designed for quick and safe application of False Eyelashes at Home.
It includes a lash bond that keeps your lashes in place for up to 7 days and is water resistant, as well as a lash seal that is used similar to bond, but at the end of the process, to “seal” all the application work and remove any residue.

Makeup Set – 50 Colors Eyeshadow Palette Set

sminkpalett set

Dive into a kaleidoscope of colors with our 50 shades eyeshadow palette makeup set. Whether you desire a natural daytime look or a bold evening makeup, this palette offers a fantastic mix of matte and shimmering tones.
From sophisticated nudes to bold and dramatic colors, this palette gives you the freedom to express yourself.

DIY Lash Extension Kit

Lösögonfransar startkit

DIY Lash Extension Kit

This DIY Lash Extension Kit is perfect for those who want to create beautiful, long lashes at home. DIY Lash Extension Kit can last for approximately 5-10 days or longer with proper lash care.

The Eyelash Extension Kit includes everything you need to safely and easily extend your lashes, including two different models of False Eyelashes (SNR025 has a mixed length of 10-14 mm and SNR017 is 14 mm long) to create different styles, one Lash Bond, one Lash Sealant, one Pair of Tweezers for precise application, and a special Lash Extension Remover to remove the false lashes.

Acrylic Gel – Polygel Kit

Nagelset Polygel Naglar

Acrylic Gel – Polygel Kit
Acrylic Gel – Polygel Kit – this Polygel Nail Kit comes with 11 parts.

With this Poly Gel nails Kit you can create trendy nails at home like Ombre nails, French nails, encapsulated nails, baby boomer nails.
All Poly Builder Gel for nails are popular colors and easy to create your own special Polygel nail art.

Eyelash & Eyebrow Serum


Eyelash and Eyebrow Serum

for longer and more healthy eyelashes with Lash & Brow Serum from Sevich.
This high-tech serum strengthens and extends the lashes and eyebrows, with results after just 15 – 20 days of use.

The eyelash serum can be used by you with sensitive eyes.

Refills for Lash Lift Kit

Ögonfranspermanenta kit

Lash Lift Kit Refill all the liquids you need to refill your Lash Lift Kit.

Lash Lift is perfect for everyone, who crave that extra curl for their natural lashes.
With this Lash Lift  you can create an amazing, beautiful curl in your natural eyelashes.

Lash Lift Kit

Lash lift kit original Iconsign Lashlift

Lash Lift Kit is perfect for everyone, who craves that extra curl for their natural lashes.

With this Lash Lift Kit, you can create a fantastic, beautiful curl in your natural eyelashes.

Lash Lift Kit is an innovative way to keep lashes curled to brighten the eyes without using eyelash curlers.